• Delton Screechie – Living In The Ghetto Showcase

Delton Screechie – Living In The Ghetto Showcase

Papa Kojak

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Big collection of vocal hits, deejay cuts & dubs from Delton Screechie, also featuring Barrington Levy, Jah Thomas, Papa Kojak and Scientist, originally out in '82 -

Produced by Moa Anbessa, this one was originally the first release on his UK label back then. Now served up as a reissue via Papa Kojak, with edited tracklist. The LP comes served with Scientist dub versions, and features young Barrington Levy (on a rare deejay style) alongside none other than Jah Thomas, in a Tribute to Moa Anbessa (Could be that this was originally a special for a dubplate cut - but then ended up on the record for its hit potential. Papa Kojak makes an appearance on Track 3 too, with a cool & rockin deejay lyric, bigging up the Red Stripe no less.

Absolutely tip-top record, this one. If you want some heavy roots and rub-a-dub styles straight out of JA - look no further.

... Great sleeve art too! OOph. 

Come Forward On (dub version)

Living In The Ghetto (dub version)

Kojak - Bunny Rygin

Barrington Levy & Jah Thomas - Tribute To Moa Anbessa

Mix Up" (dub version)

Come On & Tell Me (dub version)

She Is My Woman (dub version)

I've Got A Letter (dub version)