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Demdike Stare - Passion

Modern Love

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A much needed return from Demdike Stare on Modern Love.

This one's kind of a big deal so you'll forgive us for going on about it and using too many adjectives to describe it but lord have MERCY.

The Demdike sound is one that's always been in flux - from the dread filled, sub laced gear on Elemental and Symbiosis a good few years back, to the downright weird and wonderful collection of tracks that spanned their Testpressing series - their influences are many and varied.

2016 saw them pull together the strands binding their earlier albums and these singles on the Wonderland album, but the REAL magic happens, right here, right now...

Passion takes in the innate feeling of dread that we've come to expect from these guys and frames it within fractured beat constructs of varying tempos - referencing jungle and grime but without falling into the trap of rehashing what's already happened.

With that in mind, Passion offers 9 cuts of truly forward facing underground sounds, ruff as you like and ready to buss the dance.

As you can tell, we're digging this one a lot and hope you'd do the same.

Cut nice and loud, very much ready for club play or home listening...

At It Again

Spitting Brass


Pile Up