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A testament to one of JA / UK's greatest reggae musicians -

Dennis Bovell is a name that might not be familiar to all, but his name appears behind the scenes of many great productions, many of you will have at least heard his work through the soundtrack of the legendary 'Babylon' film produced in the 80's.
His musicianship and background in Jazz amongst other contemporary styles really shines when he's involved... After all, he is one of the few reggae producers (apart form Sly & Robbie perhaps) who has been very sought after in other music circles for his skills as an engineer behind the music.
He went on to produce Janet Kay's no.1 single 'Silly Games' in the 80's and also produced the legendary albums by 'The Slits' and 'The Pop Group'.
To put it short, his knowledge and skill go further than just one genre, Bovell is a musician in the true, and broad sense.

The cuts on these two discs showcase his versatility and creativity to a fine degree - Reversed drum tracks, far-out mixing techniques and a knack for melody inherits his work, from the beatifully emotive 'Rowing' (pressed here in it's 12" incarnation, in extended mix) to the opening track 'The Grunswick Affair' with it's vintage guitar and horn licks, perfectly capturing the essence of Kingston's music at the time, but with a certain UK sensibility.

Put together by Pressure Sounds, this finely selected archive of cuts and dubs brings together some of his most crucial work, of which some were released back in the 70's on Dennis Bovell's 'Rama' and 'More Cut', whilst others come in previously unreleased dubplate attire.
Features stellar instrument playing by Style Scott from Dub Syndicate and Angus Gaye from Aswad, alongside of course Dennis Bovell himself.

Spread across two discs and packaged in a picture sleeve containing some insightful words, this is another crucial collection, totally on-point.

Side one:
The Grunswick Affair
Harmoniser Dub
Dominion Dub
Rowing (12" Version)
Side Two:
Zombie Zones
Zion Dub
Higher Ranking
Ranking High

Side Three:
None Jah Children (Melodica Version)
Uganda Crisis
Side Four:
Ah Fi Wi Dis
Blood Ah Go Run

Disc One, Side One

Disc One, Side Two

Disc Two, Side One

Disc Two, Side Two