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Dennis Brown - Don't Want To Be No General

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Big military questioning Dennis Brown cut, a roots classic - reissued including deejay cut, versions and a newer steppers re-lick -

Another stellar effort from the late, great Dennis Brown, originally recorded in 1980, a time that was rife for these kind of tougher sounding roots tunes, with hard hitting drums (listen to those rigid, militant (the good kinda militant) drum rolls - tak-tak-tak-tak-tak-tak-tak -
and that cool & deadly Snare sound... just tough!). Extra plus points for the synare drum siren sounds too.

This reissue, coming via DEB, who were responsible for the first issue back then, comes with the the D Brown vocal on the A side, then the dub.
Flip it around, and the original RRrrrrrranking Dread takes control of the microphone, with the deejay cut on same rhythm.

Last, but not least, we find an updated remix of the Ranking Dread deejay cut, going in harder steppers territory, and very-ready to put a soundsystem to work with the extra bass pressure.

(the good kind of) killer!

Dennis Brown - Don't Want To Be No General


Ranking Dread - General

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