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DIFFER-Ent - Hrall (Dj Bone)

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'Two class cuts from a genuinely underground operator - DJ Bone. As his manifesto states:

'(Underground) is basically being able to choose for yourself what you enjoy, not having it forced on you, not being fooled or swindled into believing something. That's hype, not talent.'

Giving his new Differ-ent guise a try-on, this time for DBA, we are treated to a brace of uncompromising dancefloor techno that sounds so effortless it belies his decade-plus behind the buttons.

The A-Side ‘Differ-ent (Hrall)’ motors along on booming kick drums and hypnotic bleeps, joined at points by weightless strings, building and falling back over the course of 7 minutes, an absolute pleasure in the mix.

Flip it for the real treat, though - ‘Different(Ity)’ on the B-Side shares the same DNA but with some very welcome mutations. Sickle cell hi-hats slice through the high frequencies high above the booming kick drums and arpeggiated melody. The real highlight is the swelling pads that really make this beast sound like prime In2volver era ­­- progressive house meets EQD era Shed. Highly recommended.'

Different (Hrall)

Differ-Ent (Ity)