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Different Circles - Weightless Vol.2


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A very welcome return for the 'Weightless' roundup from Mumdance and Logos' Different Circles imprint.

It's been over 2 years since the first installment twisted our heads up, grinding up signs and signifiers of eski beat and jungle, refixing them into a hyper real world of dancefloor experimentation and dangerously sharp sound design.

Getting straight down to brass tacks - the brilliantly titled, 'Cafe Del Mar', is the main event here - chromed atmospherics and sparse beats combined into an widescreen epic of the highest calibre - worth the admission price just for this one alone, frankly.

There are 5 other cuts on offer here, making this a proper trip for the home stereo - FIS deploys some trademark caustic sonics in the form of ' Angels Of The Water Table', whilst Sharp Veins offers up a contrastingly orchestral cut, 'Already bones', synthetic bladerunner sonics for the cold harsh realities of the year 2017.

Tipped for DJs as well as home listens, this one is bloody good.

6 tracks, cut by Matt Coulton, pressed in a run of 500, handstamped and numbered.


Mumdance & Logos - Cafe Del Mar

FIS - Angels Of The Water Table

Sharp Veins - Already bones

Yamaneko - Shadow Temple Early