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Digidub & Fairshare Soundsystem - I Scream / No Way


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Tough rootical dubwise, a heavy, heady mix of vintage and fresh -

Loaded up with four cuts, two vocals and two instrumentals, this 10" serves it's dubwise purpose and exceeds.

Topside, we have a mystical sample-driven steppers cut from the mid 00's, with Julian Fairshare delivering a heartfelt vocal, in the style of Big Youth, perhaps even a bit of James Brown, for good measure... The power and energy is felt throughout, wether it's the emotive vocals or the thunderous rhythm and bassline.
Following the vocal cut, David Katz, also known for his extensive knowledge of JA music, delivers a superb melodica melody, truly adding finesse and depth to the track, finishing off the A side with finesse.

Flip it around, and we find another looping, rootsy instrumental, complete with the deejay vocal and a upbeat horn section, as well as a guitar part played by Mark Flanagan.
Let the disc spin, and we enter the dub arena - strictly dubwise movements to finish of this wicked disc.

Definitely a recommended disc, especially for those who appreciate a little spice and unusual flavouring in their dub dish.

No Way

No Way Instrumental

I Scream

I Scream Dub