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Digitaldubs & Jeru Banto - Nos Porcos Não Crescerão Asas


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Fresh import business from our friends in Rio De Janeiro!

Digitaldubs, Rio's No1 Soundsystem at the controls... With a very recognisable melodic part - is that Dubkasm's very own Digistep on Saxophone?

This tune has been a hit in Brazil and other Portuguese and Hispanic speaking countries for a while now,  with Jeru Banto delivering a heartfelt lyric over a hot brazil flavoured reggae riddim.
With the big local support, Digitaldubs have done the thing and pressed up the ting...
And that's not easy when you have to cross borders with the records, and fight import taxes etc, so we have to say: Big up!

Muzumba sees this released for the first time on 7'' vinyl, and we're one of very few select shops to get our hands on some copies, just before we pass the rest of the box over to our friends at Disc Shop Zero, in Tokyo, as part of the worldwide, hand-to-hand distribution network.

Vocal on top, dub on the flip.
Limited to 300 - be quick!

Digitaldubs ft. Jeru Banto - Nos Porcos Não Crescerão Asas