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Dijit - Hyperattention - Selected Dijital Works Vol.1


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Stone cold thriller from Cairo's Dijit alongside a heavy crew of guests, on Manchester's YOUTH imprint -

Following a slew of ragged 7"s, 10"s and gone-in-a-flash 12"s, here comes another unexpected, but highly welcome release via YOUTH, in the form of this gut-wrenchingly good LP, in smoked out dream-pop-meets-RnB via Portishead in arabi style.

This one gets 100+ points on 'mood'. It's clear right from the very first track, that this is not just some experimental hip hop album or anything, there is real feeling to it, and there are people connected to the sounds. The vocals switch from more traditional arabic styles to english verses, and then into spoken word back in arabic tongue, even flirting with a kind of free jazz type poetry in some parts.
I suppose you could say this is as much of a local affair that belongs to Egypt's experimental scene, as it is a record that takes influences from soundsystem music such as the more introspective sides of dubstep, as well as hip hop and rap music of the UK & US.. and more.
But all throughout it feels quite otherwordly to be honest. The low-hum of the bassline feels omnipresent at times, and the playful, yet understated melodies add to the subtle dread and tension that runs through the current, cementing this alien-esque drift into darkness.
The vocals, although we can't understand all the lyrics, feel real and sincere - deep thought, laced with free spirited spur of the moment chat. As a whole, we dare say this is a record of true substance - no gimmicks, just vibes.

Do yourself a favour, dim the lights, light one up (or whatever it takes for you to get in the zone) and turn up the volume.

1. Dijit feat. SD - 1772 (cover) 02:14
2. Dijit Feat. SD - Morra (Abd Elghani Alsayed Cover) 02:40
3. Dijit Feat Karimaann - Bad K 04:13
4. Dijit Feat. AC Ghazy - Babaakh 03:18
5. Dijit Feat SD - Natfo 02:56
6. Dijit Feat. Karen - Ice Cream 01:50
7. Dijit - Lakk 04:48
8. Dijit Feat. SD - Laila Elweskha 03:12
9. Dijit - Mahragan elahzan 04:32
10. Dijit Feat. Ott Eswed -Zeed 02:14
11. Dijit - Soaad 06:54
12. Dijit Feat. Ali Talibab & SD - We’re the dead 04:06

"1772" (feat SD - Cover)

Morra" (feat SD - Abd Elghani Alsayed Cover)

"Babaakh" (feat AC Ghazy)

"Mahragan Elahzan"