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Dijit - Natfo (Tapes & Krikor Remixes)


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The diy worldwide cru give us another blast on that excellent 'Natfo' joint from Cairo's Dijit (check their 7" on this label with Kinlaw remix, and that LP on YOUTH ICMY!) - this time along side-steppers Tapes & Krikor lay down a rework each, pressed up on a nice lil' 7" -

Tapes delivers a real woozy, chuggin' refix that recalls the works of Rezzett and lets snips of the vocal melt into a tape-saturated arrangement of high-grade melodics and rhythm, harmonising in fine style and ending in a real elevated, sweet-toothed synthline - proper addictive, we've been reloading this one all day here.

flip it (another thing we've been doing all day) and you'll hit that Krikor remix, upping the pace in mutant, high-pace dancehall mode, this one hits real nice on the home hifi, but we'd be more than happy to hear it on the dancefloor too.
Pack this one in your 7" suitcase and play both cuts, you'll raise some smiles and make some feet move, no doubt.

Wicked disc, shouts to the extended diy crew for doing good things, and keeping going things going.

Served in polythene sleeve, with printed centre label and translucent, bi-lingual sticker. Ltd edition biz.

Dijit - Natfo (Tapes Remix)

Dijit - Natfo (Krikor Remix)