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Dillinger & Friends – Five Man Army

Oak Sound

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Dillinger & Friends, The Five Man Army -

Ruff n tuff styles with the masters on the mic aka the Five Man Army.

Over a thunderous version of the Drum Song rhythm, in discomix style we find this 12" cut, originally released in 1982, with both 'Five Man Army' and 'Send Another Moses' in one continuous mix on the A Side, with all five vocalist adding their heartfelt contributions over Lewis Bones Locks' production.

The counterpart consists of a charged dub version, with snippets of harmony and deejay styles jumping out into the depths of the dubwise scenario, with phasing delays running over spring reverbed snare drums in deadly style and fashion.

Serious roots cuts, originally out on Oak Tree, reissued here via King Spinna, for Record Store day - these are the last few copies left.

Just drop the needle and let it run!

Five Man Army

Dillinger - Send Another Moses

Five Man Dubb