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Dillinja & Lemon D Present: The Killa-Hertz

Valve Recordings

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Four plates of pure jump-up magic, straight from the Valve studio in London. Hard to believe that these are 11 years old now but much like a fine wine, they've aged well, still sounding 'ard as ever... Not many have come close to building tunes as heavy as Dilly and these are no exception.
Proper mic'd up drum kit hits smashed through a dizzying array of hardware matched up with a proper bit of sub, and of course, some choice vocals…Everything from the anthemic 'Good Girl' to the to the Louis Vuitton record bag pictured on the back of the sleeve - Quality from start to finish.

You know that there's a time and a place when these get dropped and thing's will kick off!

4 x 12" served in printed thick-spined card sleeve.

A-Dillinja - Good Girl
B–Lemon D - Ride With Us
C–Dillinja - Crunch
D–Lemon D - Just Roll
E–Dillinja - Hands In The Air
F–Lemon D - Afterlife Featuring Michelle Gayle
G–Dillinja - Time Out
H–Lemon D - Program One

Dillinja - Good Girl

Dillinja - Crunch

Lemon D - Afterlife

Dillinja - Time Out