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Dillinja - The Angels Fell


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‘The Angels Fell…’

What is there to be said that hasn’t already about this record? It’s a cult classic and best seller - a record that put Dillinja on the map and is widely regarded as the high water mark of jungle.

Metalheadz thru and thru, Dilly truly captures the essence of the labels sonic manifesto, lacing the Vangellis sample over what could well be the finest chop of an Apache break ever done. Ice cold atmospheres and strings combine to create a dread filled vision of the future that STILL sounds futuristic 20 years after release.

Although the A side is the one that gets all the love, those who flip it are handsomely rewarded with the likes of ‘Jah Know Ya Big’ and ‘Brutal Bass’ on t’other side - pure ruffneck styles start to finish but the rolling drums on ‘Brutal Bass’ deserve a special mention - nobody does it quite like Dillinja.

The Angels Fell

Ja Know Ya Big

Brutal Bass