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Dirty Mac - Last B-Boy On Earth


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Dirty Mac graces MVP with their first release, packed in a poly sleeve with killer insert artwork.

New Tingle, a slow-mo Caribbean belter, has the trademark Dirty Mac buck-wild rhythm. The spacious programming, loosely hung and crisply executed hats and splashy snares steal through a listing, wormhole-acid lick and shimmering glockenspiel, while the 8-bit steelpan device combines for a muscular and agile groove.

There is a masterful nonchalance to Fourth is the Charm of a kind that would smash up your best school project and hand back the bits with a smile, leaving you disarmed but entirely enthralled. The arrangement of sassy sample triggers keeps the ride nasty, but sharp over an unstoppable tilting low-end section, amorphous and buoyant, and booming around a low-slung 4x4 groove.

Junior Barky has all the front - part grime, part dancehall, part electro-funk - to bring together each element into a surprisingly emotive and dystopian ‘Living In A Land’ redux. The evocative and almost wistful sound effects keep the atmosphere spacey and distant, while a quaking sub-bass lours in and out of view - A track of stripped out, dub-wise space-funk, cut adrift via Croydon into another galaxy and beamed back to us from the future.

Our favourite and total belter of a track, ‘Dry Heat’ sees Inventive use of syncopated wood-percussion sounds permeates throughout and tees up the haunted-dancehall break. This winds and escalates in thick slabs of reverb and space-echo until the ebullient 303 tears back centre stage, all pots blazing. A truly stand alone track which masterfully switches between full throttle and emotive, harmonic restraint. The transitions between the two are sheer neck bristle.

Worth the cost of entry for the artwork alone, this is a bit of a gem.

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Fourth Is The Charm

Junior Barky

It's A Dry Heat

New Tingle