• Disciples - Faithful Man

Disciples - Faithful Man

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Rough, Tough Disciples steppers from the mid 90's!

Faithful man can be found on the 'Resonations' LP that was released around 1995 on Cloak & Dagger Records... these cuts are slightly different, previously unreleased cuts from 1994, with extra vocal intro and further dubwise cuts with 'Peaceful Man Dub' and 'Vengeful Man Version' taking us way into the depths of the Disciples chamber. With filtered bassline and stripped back approach, the last cut almost verges on acid-techno, a sound that had a vice-versa crossover effect on the soundsystem scene back in those days.

Serious, serious soundsystem dub business.

Mixed by Russ D at Backyard Studio.

Faithful Man

Peaceful Man Dub

Vengeful Man Version