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Disciples - Fearmonger / Exaltation

Boom Shaka Laka

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Fresh Disciples gear with this 10" pressed up on their legendary Boom Shaka Lacka imprint!

Always good to hear Disciples on this signature heavyweight steppin' tip, letting tough drums charge over a tide of bass, with tuneful melodics and warped mixing desk technique guiding the way, as the rhythm storms forward over extra splashy spring, and a real chest pounding rhythm, and octave gliding bassline.

Fearmonger on the A side (two cuts) in fast, heavyweight style.
Flipside, 'Exaltation' lets a kind of one drop steppers roll over a 80's digital type bassline & rhythm - this one's real nice, and it gets real meditative on the dub version too.


The Disciples - Fearmonger

Part 2

The Disciples - Exaltation

Part 2