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Disciples ft. Mark Iration - Humble Lion / Positive Vibration

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Killer cuts from Backyard Studio -

Hard, rough and tuff cuts from  around '94, The Disciples at their peak.
On this 12" we find Humble Lion, the slower - and we dare say - heavier cut of the seminal 'Prowling Lion'... In the form of Verse I + II this one features the roaring vocals of Mark Iration, of Iration Steppas fame... crucial.

On the flip, circa 1997, we find 'Positive Vibration Verse I +II' the instrumental layer for Dixie Peach and Errol Bellot's 'Rastafari Is The Way'... Vintage business, still timeless to this day.

Essential soundsystem cuts.

Humble Lion Verse I + II

Positive Vibration Verse I + II