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Disciples - Infinite Density Of Dub LP

Partial Records

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Big, bad & heavy Disciples dubwise LP from 1999 - a rare gem for years, for those who knew - now back in press first time since back then - in ltd edition of 500, via Partial Records

Infinite Density Of Dub serves as a testament to Disciples more explorative, yet always-heavyweight attitude in the mid to late 90's, similar to their Resonations LP or that 2 x 12" of late 90's dubwise they did for Khaliphonic - this Infinite Density Of Dub LP stays in a more rootical lane, but there is a similar theme of focused, minimalism and mixing desk / synth / effect explorations going on, finding it's way into the Disciples still ever-rootical sound, and forming some kind of deadly concoction of their unique steppers soundsystem pressure, and a kind of psychadelic attitude to dub experimentation - phased out delays and reverbs flying across the foundations of their always-thunderous drum sound and the immense weight of the basslines, all musically brought to life via deft use of auxillary sends and fader sliding, synth bending & sample twisting ways of exploring the physics of the space-time-continuum, dubwise style.

This is a Disciples underground classic!
Packed full of wicked, and rare dubs, from start to finish - everyone needs a copy of this one, and everyone should play it nice & loud - wicked, obscure yet heavyweight dubwise vibes guaranteed.

Served with the original 90s artwork (yikes), remastered & pressed up on a 12" via Partial Records

1. Higher Dimensions
2. Astral Flame
3. False Distinctions
4. Realm Of Symbols
5. Ritual Drum
6. Absolute Motion
7. Temporal Chains
8. Beneath Time
9. Celestial Dub
10. Paradoxical Dub

Higher Dimensions

Realm Of Symbols

Temporal Chains

Paradoxical Dub