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Disciples - Prowling Lion 12"

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The holy grail of Disciples cuts - Prowling Lion! - now reissued including the original three mixes from the original 12" pressing back in 1993, and two previously unreleased raw mixes

Lord have mercy -

Big, thunderous Disciples gear - these are the kind of tunes that gave them a kind of soundsystem status that can't be knocked even decades later - there is a reason why many still say that the heaviest steppers were made by Disciples.

Prowling Lion kicks off with it's infectious, anthemic synth hornsline, driven by those filtered, roughneck steppers drums, and a bassline that truly needs to be heard on a proper soundsystem to make full sense.
When that bassline finally drops, it's over!

Three o.g. mixes (they're already great - there's a reason why this record was so expensive 2nd hand) - plus two raw mixes - you know we'll never say no to a raw mix!

Big tune, essential UK steppers gear.

A1. Prowling Lion Mix 1
A2. Prowling Lion Mix 2
A3. Prowling Lion Mix 3
B1. Prowling Lion Raw Mix 4
B2. Prowling Lion Raw Mix 5

Prowling Lion Mix 1

Prowling Lion Mix 3

Prowling Lion Raw Mix 1

Prowling Lion Raw Mix 2