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Jahtari Boss 'Disrupt' with one of his most far-out 8-bit experiments to date -

Made almost solely with a chipped Nintendo Gameboy (or 'Gamebwoy' as Jahtari aptly put it), Disrupt really bends the rules with this one.

Full on crunch and 8 bit mayhem, from the outer reaches of the dancehall spectrum inna Jahtari style and fashion...

Deconstructed extracts directly from the soundboard of the famous Gameboy, the soundtrack to many youths childhood back in the 90's, form this extraordinary concept album by chip-tune wizard and Jahtari Founder Jan Gleichmar, aka Disrupt.

There's something in here for the sonic enthusiasts, digital extremists, jahtari loves and the more daring digital dancehall selectors out there...

A seriously impressive palette of sounds on this disc, and to be honest with ya - this will sound seriously meaty on a big rig.

Pure Madness!

A1: Predator
A2: Arp Attack
A3: Babylon Wavetables
A4: Bits From The Bong
A5: Break Out
B1: Pueblo
B2: Ritptide
B3: The Future Is Ours
B4: Toploader

Predator / Arp Attack

Babylon Wavetables / Bits From The Bong / Break Out

Pueblo / Riptide

The Future Is Ours / Toploader