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Disrupt - The Recreation Room

Zonedog Records

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Twelve cosmic library dubs from the don Disrupt, on new imprint 'Zonedog' -

We're really enjoying Disrupt's foray into deeper territories with recent output, and this Recreation Room piece is the perfect follow-up to that killer 'Omega Station' LP from last year. 'Thematically this VR-ready sequel to Omega Station is exploring the mechanics behind modern computer game design, and how even things like Karma are being translated into code' - and the outcome is a deep web of atmospherics, spaced-out dubwise and ambient pieces, sounding somewhere between the fx-laden dub we've come to know Disrupt for, and a much more introspective, sugary syrup of interstellar frequency. Might just be us, but we also feel like there's a touch of that same magic that you can hear in certain 80's & 90's japanese ambient classics too - strange synthesis and sample collages working into a tasty tangle of obscurity and unusual harmony.
Really smart arrangements and delicate attention to detail make this a really, really solid LP that you'll be able to swim in for years to come.

If you're fans of Disrupt's work for labels such as Werk Discs and of course his Jahtari imprint, and you're up for taking the trip to some more far-out musical spaces and smoked-out ambient zones, this one will hit the spot very very nicely!

Served in printed sleeve, mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering.

A1: XP Farming
A2: Ragdoll Physics
A3: The Karma System
A4: Time Sink
A5: Relax'em Up
A6: The Jesus Run
B1: The Souls Formula
B2: Choice Agony
B3: Would You Kindly
B4: Options Menu
B5: Backtracking
B6: The Fourth Wall

Ragdoll Physics

The Karma System

The Souls Formula

Choice Agony