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DJ Assam from the Lehult crew outta Hamburg steps out solo after collaborative appearances earlier on in the label history.

Smooth as silk from start to finish, the 8040 ep is nothing but deep house groovers for play in the brightest sunshine or the early hours - 'With A Sound In My Heart' is our favourite here, looping an infectious vocal sample around gently glowing chords to great effect - the kind of groove you can get totally lost in. The title track is slightly more urgent, a chunky kick and snare provide the framework for ferric chords and a very welcome acid line, an ideal choice for ratcheting the pace in DJ sets, music for the body and mind.

On the flip are the delicate textures and tones of 'The Importance Of Bring Island', a skeletal groove laced with wistful keys and crafty filter work, fluid rhythms and off-kilter melody set the scene... If you dig the the early Workshop records this is a bit of 'you'.
Closing with the square wave basses, twisted samples and sunken rhodes of '7668', this versatile EP is a very welcome drop from this great label - summer is here.

Served in printed sleeve, with photos from the label's out-of-town HQ in Lehult, Sweden.
Pressed on 180gsm wax.

With A Sound In My Heart


The Importance Of Bring Island