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DJ Boring / Miagma - Winona EP


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After the first batch went in a flash, here's round 2!

Very tasty, grooving, deep cuts from DJ Boring and Miagma on E-Beamz -
Winona on top, with lush blue chords drifting over tape-saturated drum machine and a very bouncy sub and a restrained, drippy acid line later on -
Club gear for 'those moments' or just simply a nice track to stick on the turntable and sit back to... Very infectious vibe!

With 'You' on the flipside, Miagma picks up the pace a little, with crushed breakbeats and a pacy kick & tom drum keeping things moving, wrapped up in a warm blanket of fuzzy chord layers.

A nice disc, served up in a nice way.

Dj Boring - Winona

Miagma - You