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Dj Clent - Hyper Feet


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DJ Clent presents Hyper Feet -

The appropriately named Hyper Feet EP comes correct with 5 tracks of left-leaning dance floor funk and it's immediately clear that Clent has carved his skills over time.
His music as fresh now as it was on his early releases on the legendary Dance Mania, dating back as far as 1998.

The fast paced and imaginative title track boasts an array of acid warped synth lines and 808 snare drums that will capture the dancefloor in no time.
Clent is no stranger to sound of footwork and juke,  tracks such as Baby Yeah 2012 and Don't go Down showcase his integrity in the field - both tracks fire off expertly chopped vocals and hype instrumental stabs keeping an ever-sure pace to the proceedings.

'Clent's Dog Catcher' is an edit of George Clintons infamous Atomic Dog and opens the B side to the 12" with a highly swung groove that brings to mind the LA styles of 'Dam Funk' and the likes.

Lastly, 'Don't Leave Me Baby' boasts probably the most gripping vocal hook of the whole EP, finishing this truly unique package in a seriously stylish way.
Not one to miss for those Juke, footwork and 170 leaning heads.

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Hyper Feet

Baby Yeah 2012

Clent's Dog Catcher

Don't Go Down / Don't Leave Me (Baby)