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Dj Die Soon - Kappa Slap

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Bang! here it is.
Dj Die Soon on the buttons, channeling the dirt for Morphine Records, with his first album to date -

Proper bassbin exercises, feedback acrobatics, vocal punk and industrial-strength dubwise from the don Dysu, with Kappa Slap.
No idea what the title means, but this album sure does slap.

All made in a live, and direct way (he states the good old Roland SP404 as one of his main tools), DJ Die Soon's music feels purposely raw, honest and upfront in the best ways. Conventional arrangements are often trashed, or at least drawn out, or cut short in favour of a more human type of mood that draws between fizzing slomotion explosions, to earthquake inducing sub convulsions, through to skitty tek-no dub & dancehall, all geared straight at the body & brain.

A very nice addition to his sonic raucous, is the inclusion of several vocalists (quite possibly recorded during DJ Die Soon's time spent in Uganda, at Nyege Nyege festival) -
for example, the likes of Ekko Bazz (last seen mashing it up for Hakuna Kulala), who manages to channel his fierce vocal style in a more smoked out, but equally menacing style on the 2nd cut, and MC Yallah (Kenya's first lady of grime?!) who let's the waves of bass and driving percussion swarm below her vocal cool in a very, very stylishly-energetic way also.
If Yallah and Ekko Bazz and Infinite Lives were perhaps keeping their vocal cool for a reason, maybe it's because they knew that Lord Spikeheart, who jumps in near the end, would bring the deadly poison on the mic later on, with the soundsystem / punk hardcore of 'Minions'.
By the the time we reach that final cut with 'MA' on the mic, we're left for dead, in some kind of hyperspace.

Proper end of the world soundsystem bangers.
But actually a really cool, ebb&tow type of listen in consecution too -
In fact, as a whole, the LP has this kind of suspense and (dare we say it?) restraint to it...
Stripped back rhythms and vocal injections seem to leave extra space for fizzing frequency, psychotic arpeggios and (let's not forget) big, big, big lashings of bassline to do the damage in extra effect, once it really hits (and believe us, it does).

Someone please string up a big soundsystem right now, so we can let this one punish us.

Play this nice and loud, it'll do you good! Promise!

1.Kappa Slap
2.Untitled (feat. Ecko Bazz)
4.Rantworth (feat. Infinite Livez)
6.Kawo Kada (feat. MC Yallah)
8.Minions (feat. Lord Spikeheart)
10.Quaju (feat. MA)

Kawo Kada