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DJ Eminflex - u Liotru


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Ceramics scoop the bowl into the ancient, prophetic sound stream of Sicily's DJ Eminflex for this heavily-armoured tape -

Lord Kinlaw must've sent his legions of players of instruments and fellow horse-backed talent-scouts out into what we currently call Europe, deep into the historical depths of Catania, Sicily.
Who knows, maybe he was advised on the tropes and paths of Italy and neighbouring Sicily by his companion Franco Franco?

The Ceramics contingent flocked back to the West Country here in Avon, loaded with a sack of music reels and shiny metal sticks, passed on by the mythical legend that would become DJ Eminflex - he relayed that the shiny metal sticks hold vast amounts of information which can be accessed in future times, via dimensions that would know no physical borders, away from the natural and earthly.
When crossing the channel across the sea via vessel with this information and the musical reels, and those curious little shiny sticks - DJ Eminflex referred to it as a 'memory stick' - it is possible that the nautical route led them through a time tunnel, or some other hatch of altered reality, because by the time they returned to the village called Bristol, Kinlaw had already obtained a portal with which to access this sacred, shiny memory stick passed on to them by new acquaintance DJ Eminflex, in trust that Ceramics would present it to the wider world in some future time.

And here we are, reaping the benefits of this crusade for border-crossing, time-eradicating musical sounds.
DJ Eminflex has shared with us prophetic visions of a past future.
The sound of distant bagpipes, unexplained foreign tongue, ancient melodies and clanging metal percussion travel through from behind the hillside, while clattered ceramic drums shatter against the city walls, causing tremors and earthquake's not witnessed before.

u Liotru has passed through the ages with all its prophetic fury, managing to sound at once contemporary, and of a past time - something the Ceramics imprint, and its Pheasantry contingent have become famed for.

We're thankful for the musical escape route from realities of a future unknown, and we would like to invite around a dozen of you to enter this time tunnel, to explore this world of sound.

1. Cruciati 04:13
2. El Canto 03:36
3. Orientali 03:55
4. Chevaux 03:56
5. Etico 03:20
6. Etico (Kinlaw Remix) 04:10

Limited edition of 50 cassettes.
+ DL Code.
Served in grand kin40k artwork.


El Canto


Etico (Kinlaw Remix)