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DJ Fett Burger & Luca Lozano - Hands Of Doom -

Sex Tags Ufo

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Sex Tags Ufo, Klasse Wrecks and Grafiti Tapes link up! -

Another crucial piece of underground dance music from the Sex Tags Corner, this time along with DJ Sotofett's brother 'DJ Fett Burger' alongside the head of the 'Klasse Wrecks' and 'Grafiti Tapes' labels - Luca Lozano.

Touching down on similar states of euphoria as the latest Sotofett plate on Wania, this 12" comes via the Sex Tags Ufo imprint, possibly diving even deeper into the depths of that early 90's acid / hardcore setting that remains one of the most potent forms of dance music.... Wether it's the cascading chords, the revolving stabs or the blips and bleeps that make these tracks so hard to stand still to, or just the relentless pace - it really doesn't matter what references are drawn into the mix, the main thing is the result - and it's a highly danceable platter, made for dancing and designed to keep you moving.

This is the kind of record that will induce a good dose of life into any party, or even deliver a good soundtrack to your 7am comedown.

Superb from beginning of A to end of B, but those warped piano chords around half-way through the first cut provide a real highlight.

As usual, a superb record - Equally for your head and for your feet!

Stickered sleeve.
Contains a5 card insert.
Vinyl-only, no digital ( Or as Sex Tags would say: 'Don't Support Digital Demolition').

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