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DJ Lag - GCA006

Goon Club Allstars

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Murky styles from the boss of the Durban Gqom sound -

London's Goon Club Allstars are on a mission to bring the South African house sound to our shores, and are succeeding by the looks of it.
Whilst many of these African talents are unfortunately restricted by visa implications to really push their style of underground music here, it's a great thing that some of these tracks are available on vinyl here at least...

DJ Lag, hailed as King of Gqom, the South African house sound, shows here that he doesn't need to embellish his rhythms with any special production sugar or spice -
keeping things stripped back and effective, the loose rhythms repeat over sparse pads and stabs, but it's all so infectious and downright moody that it's a wholly gripping ride from the minute the track kicks in, until the last bead of sweat drips down your forehead.

Body music in serious style and effect - 100% cool & deadly.

Ghost On The Loose


Ice Drop

16th Step