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DJ Lag - Stampit

Goon Club Allstars

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South African gqom pioneer and producer DJ Lag coming with the certified club goods for Goon Club Allstars... Check 3 Step Culo if you want to hear some real hypnotising dancefloor goodness. Make sure to tie your laces, this one's for the dancing crew.

"The new release follows the 22 year old producer’s acclaimed 2016 self-titled debut EP for the same independent imprint. The EP follows the release of his first single, the thrilling dance floor heater ‘3 Step Culo’, which draws from the hard-hitting percussive sound of gqom made up of searing synthesisers, broken beat and hypnotic vocal samples to create a darker, bass-driven strain of house music.

The EP follows his self-titled debut to showcase his keen talent for crafting charged, minimalist genresplicing sound. ‘Let’s Do This’ exhibits an intense and euphoric big room feel, whilst ‘Drumming’ and ‘Switz’ display tense, potent drumwork and sparse & spectral club patterns.

Also known as the ‘Gqom King’, DJ Lag was at the forefront of shaping the futuristic, explosive sound of gqom, the raw and distinctive style of drum-heavy dance music originating from the underground scene of Durban, South Africa in recent years and swiftly proliferating across the internet through the spread of social media and gaining international recognition.

DJ Lag’s latest outing delves into the infectiously rhythmic and high-energy sound palette of his previous works, recorded fully in his home studio in Clermont, South Africa."


3 Step Culo

Let's Do This