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Dj Lycox at the controls, hot on the heels of Tia Maria Producoes team-work and now back with a bang, in solo-mode, mixing up Batida, Kudoro and Afrohouse in that raw, unimitable, looooose, full of mad-funk Principe style -

Always a pleasure to get our hands on gear from this label, and the fine extended crew that feed it - Lycox reporting in from Paris, but with a spiritual, musical home in African rhythm and Lisboa-attitude.
Across 6 unhinged cuts that are aimed at dancefloors, actually let's call it 'DANCEfloors' because this ain't no head-nod and chin-scratch type scenario fodder here, this is real deal, leg-shakin' / hip-movin / body-boppin type music - choc full of rhythm and loaded up on melodic vibes as the perfect counterpart - but - in true Principe fashion, it's dance music but it's also kinda weird, curious and not shy of humour. So alright, you can scratch your chin a bit - just make sure those legs don't stop moving!

From the initiating bounce of Eu Mbora Dou Bue Show, the deep, heads-down afro-house styles of 'Yoga' & 'Wildin' and the kinda anthemic RnB touched Momentos Únicos, DJ Lycox makes it all sound easy, but trust us - it ain't!
There's definitely an introspective edge to a lot of the sounds and rhythms here as well, but the momentum is never left to hang far behind - mainly due to the constantly shifting, always-inventive percussive elements and polyrhythms which maintain that unmissable dance energy, that constant forward rhythm. But there's also a ton of fun and weirdness in this music, something that will make it stand out in years to come, taking it far away from your average dance music regurgitation of the last decades, and keeping things fresh, unique and not over-stewed or contemplated for the sake of it.
I mean, not many people can get away with what Lycox did in that 'Southside' tune... It's proper silly, but you could still work up a real sweat to it in a club, no doubt. FM synth-esque orchestral stab and scratch-percussion on sound safari through the Jungle, with congas, water sounds, toy town fx and - not least - Elephant trumpeting - all part of the sound artillery. It's as mad as it sounds on paper.....

Basically, across all six tracks, there's a hell of a lot of juice in these fruits. Give them a good squeeze on the hifi for ultimate refreshment - just make sure you don't stop moving yeah?!

Edition of 500.
Served on wicked-looking yellow, individually hand-painted sleeves, by Marcio Matos.

1. Eu Mbora Dou Bué Show 03:40
2. Rapaz Sinistro 03:19
3. Southside 03:34
4. Yoga 02:53
5. Wildin 05:35
6. Momentos Únicos 03:29

Eu Mbora Dou Bue Show



Momentos Únicos