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DJ Madd - Lone Soldier Dub

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Double drop on ZamZam, part 2 -

Due to some hold-ups at the pressing plant, ZamZam decided to unleash 017 and 018 simultaneously - double the pressure - Jah Warrior and DJ Madd.

It's hard to choose which of them is better, in fact - it just doesn't matter - they are both brilliant.

You can always rely on ZamZam to bring the goods, and here we go again:
Two of Dj Madd's most dubbed out to date, filled with spring reverb and lashings of echo - Lone Soldier Dub and Thru Hell Dub pass the test of dubwise with ease.

Dj Madd makes a top debut on Portland's 7" imprint with these dubwise steppers, wickedly paced, sub-heavy, intricate in detail.

Lovely stuff!

Limited Edition of 500.
Screenprinted and designed by Polygon Press.

Lone Soldier Dub

Thru Hell Dub