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Dj Marfox - Eu Seiquem Sou EP


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The boss of the Lisbon 'dancefloors of the ghetto' steps up for Principe Discos -

Regular rwdfwd visitors may have noticed DJ Nigga Fox's 12" up here, a thrilling disc filled with fresh rhythm and off-kilter danceability...
Well, Dj Marfox is the reason why so many of these Lisbon-based producers carry 'Fox' in their name (at least that's what we've heard) - DJ Marfox is supposed to be the originator of this movement, commanding respect in this scene.

Exactly where how this came about is hard to tell from a UK perspective, but it's clear that it is informed by african and latin american rhythms, with a view to western dance music and fully geared for the club-setting.
It's an exciting thing going on in Portugal, something that's said to have started in the ghetto, but it's now being recognised further afield.

Think of it as their answer to Uk Funky, Grime and House music and you're not too far off.

....But all that matters is, these tracks are wicked and wild - ready to take a dancefloor by storm - just make sure they're ready for ya.

Each record comes in an individually hand-painted sleeve.
Mastered by To Pinheiro Da Silva.

Eu Sei Quem Sou

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