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DJ Marfox - Revolucao 2005-2008

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The boss of Lisbon's fledging underground club scene comes forward with this firing comp of hits from the hard drive -

"Both a necessary document of Marlon Silva’s early years and a crucial survey of Angolan kuduro’s formative phase and mutation in the clubs of Lisbon, the set collects nine cuts of contagious Afro-Portuguese dance music which maps strong parallels to the UK’s own transition and flux between grime and UKF, whilst also demonstrating why Marfox is now regarded as the main ambassador and catalyst for Lisbon’s colourfully influential and world-renowned style.

Taking his name from Nintendo’s Starfox character (and establishing a trend for the -fox suffix so prevalent in kuduro and tarraxhina) DJ Marfox was instrumental in shaping one of today’s most vital dance scenes with a number of productions from his 17 year old self cropping up on ear-opening compilations such as the foundational DJs Do Guetto Vol.1 in 2006, and later on the Bazzerk - African Digital Dance Music set which turned a lot of DJs and dancers onto this sound.

He’s subsequently released the first record on kuduro’s best alibi, Príncipe, and followed Visionist and DJ Rashad to release on J-Cush’s Lit City Trax, and has also appeared alongside his Lisbon crew on the Cargaa compilations for Warp Records.

However, this set returns to his wildest early years; from the hyper disco-techno drive of Funk em Kuduro or the galloping darkwave-riding horsepower of Un Bes Bai from 2006; thru the killer jump-up downstroke of Sem Fronteiras or the inimitable, body-carving syncopation of Aiué Remix circa 2007-08, and his hollering A Própria with DJ Nervoso - which could almost be some ravenous Chicago house oddity - all of which illustrate the sound of a young producer firmly finding his feet and blazing a trail where others such as Arca, M.E.S.H. or Nidia Minaj would soon follow."

Most of all though; it’s a proper dance record, no nonsense. Chin-scratchers, steer clear from this one, this one is designed to make you move, and believe us... When played at the correct volume, it will do just that!

Limited Edition of 500 individually numbered and stamped.
Includes 12" x 12" two-sided colour insert with liner notes in Portugese and English.
Cut at Dubplates & Mastering Berlin.

1. Drift Furioso
2. Revolucao
3. Funk em Kuduro
4. Un Bes Bai
5. Macongos Graves
6. Sem Fronteiras
7. 5 Da Manha
8. Aiue Remix
9. A Propria

Drift Furioso


Funk Em Kuduro

Un Bes Bai