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DJ Monk - Deal Wid It Pt2 (Sekkle)


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A couple of hard hitting jungle classics from DJ Monk surface after a decade plus on dubplate.

'Deal Wid It Pt2 (Sekkle)' is some proper Dreamscape business, scattershot amens and pitched rolls are peppered with all the whistles and horns you would expect from a track designed to whip the ravers up into a frenzy. Topped off with some peak time emcee chatter and silky vocals inna call and response stylee.

'Roll On' gets the tip from us though, a much more subtle but equally deadly b-line bubbler. Laid back west coast atmospheres set the scene for the drop, calling to mind the classic 'Guncheck' from Ed Rush & Nico on No U-Turn back in 95.

It's a little on the pricy side but then, things this vintage are rarely cheap, plus theres only 100 of em...

Deal Wid It Pt2 (Sekkle)

Roll On