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Continuing in a string of releases deviating from electronic club music tradition, Geng's Purple Tape Pedigree presents Syn Stair by DJ NJ Drone.

Uncoiling at a frantic, 150+ bpm pulse, Syn Stair is a stomach-sinking exercise in tension. Melody comes in the form of arpeggiated synth chatter, dipping through aqueous and distorted states while cutting up octaves in repetition like a menacing chant. Mutant noise, sourced from real world recordings and what lies beyond, punctuates any notion of rhythm as the conceivable drum darts in and out of visibility.

As the A-side focuses on a brooding, weightless approach (Syn Stair (No Fountain), SYN 555 Zone) with bursts of stop-n-go movement (10 Cones) to achieve closer proximity, the flip is where momentum gathers from quickened stalk (Syn Stair (Blind), Sharp) to pursuit, ending at a punishing 4x4 charge (Spectral Future Loop). A chase dream in six parts.

If all modern electronic music were defined simply by sure-footed genre referencing, DJNJD's work would remain a legless hover akin to Orko (of He-Man fame). His music is of polymorphic design: past “juke” and “hardcore” classifications only go somewhere to describing this intricate, forward-thinking collage of sonic identities.

Syn Stair (No Fountain)

10 Cones

SYN 555 Zone

Syn Stair (Blind)