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DJ Overdose - Dead City

Berceuse Heroique

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Killer first release on BH for DJ Overdose.

The Dutch beat broker clashes Detroit’s very own OB Ignitt on the B side but more on that later. First up are the freewheeling electro lines of ‘Dead City’, totally uncompromising club constructs for those that like it ‘ard as nails.

‘Sorry To Disappoint’ on the other side does anything but live up to it’s namesake - Blazing G-funk synth lines are the order of the day here, laid back and party certified gear this one. If you weren’t spoiled enough by the previous tune though - OB Ignite steps in to add some of that Detroit house flavour to the mix. Adding little extra pace to the original with double-time hats and crafty percussion, it’s an absolute stormer of a tune.

If you dig that machine funk and that unmistakable Detroit bass, this is for you - granted it’s not cheap but then, it’ll cost you a lot less than the new Omar S album.

Dead City

Sorry To Disappoint

O.B. Ignitt RMX