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DJ Overdose – Emulator Armour


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Rotterdam's very own DJ Overdose comes thru with the first full length for L.I.E.S -

Veteran electro-don DJ Overdose at the controls, for this killlerrr double disc of machine music - tough, dystopian and high on bad vibes.

Three tracks per side, each one still cut loud & clear, and each one bangs differently, at various degrees of depth - the infectious step of Time I Get Nasty, with it's effective chord change for the mid section is a real highlight on the A side.
On the other side of the disc, we have 'Dinges Danges' and it's Streets Of Rage type arpeggiating doom, and the slower drum step, with a real piece of slow-grinding boogie on 'Bow To The Devourer' leading into the fierce pace of Kekko - everything flows together real nicely on this record, and it has all that energy you'd hope for in an o.g. electro style album.

On the 2nd disc, things kick off in a very energised kind of way, letting FM synthesis chimes and very satisfying clap/snare sounds grind up against arpeggiating mid-bass and another great example of perfectly executed pads switching up the mood for the mid-section.
'Turns Out Eddy Has No Friends' does it's name justice and goes fully badmind, letting the drums do the talking, whilst an eerie flute gets pushed to the side in again and again in favour of pure undiluted rhythm.

The record doesn't sway too, too much from it's focus, which is certainly that o.g. electro vibe somewhere between NYC b boy party and darkened warehouse rave, dutch style, but each track is delivered with full confidence in satisfying song structures, tasteful composition and killer ways of twisting classic synth sounds and drum machine into something highly effective, and future-proof.
A real enjoyable listen from start to finish, packed with high-energy bangers and heavyweight, low-slung grooves - wicked vibes on this one, from start to finish.

A1 5X4 (4:01)
A2 This World (5:39)
A3 Time I Get Nasty (5:14)
B1 Dinges Danges (5:15)
B2 Bow To The Devourer (3:46)
B3 Kekko (5:02)
C1 3000 (4:18)
C2 Turns Out Eddy Has No Friends (4:30)
C3 Halsslagader (2:03)
C4 RaZor (4:32)
D1 Stekker (5:43)
D2 Kotero (3:50)
D3 What Do I Know (3:20)

Time I Get Nasty



What Do I Know