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DJ Plead - Pleats Plead EP

Nervous Horizon

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Much needed repress of this killer plate of supercharged rhythm-driven cuts from DJ Plead on Nervous Horizon -

This one went mad quick in the first round, so Nervous Horizon have done the right thing and repressed the record for those who'd still like to give this a good ol' spin.

DJ Plead at the controls here, with six tracks (one of them vinyl-only!) of absolute club weapons, each stripped back to dangerously tight percussive pieces, with tripped out samplism and melodics cushioning the furious blows of the drums contained within.
Each one, sure to provide very potent DJ tools and be a hell of a lot of fun in the mix.
If you enjoyed 00's Horsepower Productions, Muslimgauze's more rhythm-core stuff, East Man / Basic Rhythm's stripped back grime and o.g. Scratcha DVA - this one will itch that scratch rather nicely!

This record's been doing a good bit of damage on soundsystems, and we're glad to see it back in circulation - act quick if you'd like one, it might well be gone soon again.


1. Dj Plead - Baharat 05:03
2. Dj Plead - Salt and Pepper 06:18
3. Dj Plead - Liquify 05:48
4. Dj Plead - Shoulder Pop 04:39
5. Dj Plead - Crush and Burn 04:34


Ruby (vinyl-exclusive)


Shoulder Pop