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Dj Rashad - I Don't Give A Fuck EP


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Repress of Rashad's Footwork badness on Hyperdub -

The key player in the World of Juke and Footwork steps through on one of the UK's most forward thinking labels...

Four tracks of dancefloor wreckin' juke, from the gully title track to the Jungle-esque 'Brighter Dayz' with it's chopped snare fills and glitched-out rhodes, through to the stupid, yet amazing 'Everybody' with it's infamous 'I Still Love You' sample, which some of you may recognize from a viral 'father - son' youtube clip (which we must point out sounds real good at the wrong speed (for all those looking for some lean on this disc).

The boss making moves in unique style and fashion, club music for those who have appreciation for this sound!

Dancefloor music in raw form - It is, what it is - there's no denying it!

I Don't Give A Fuck

Brighter Dayz


Way I Feel