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DJ Richard - Nailed To The Floor

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DJ Richard drops some heat on his and Young Male’s label - just repressed for those that missed the super short first press.

The title ‘Nailed To The Floor’ is an apt one, it’s tough as nails and is designed for nowt other than the dance floor - The title track bangs hard enough to collapse a club with brutish kick drums, unrelenting claps and wailing synth leads. ‘Richardplatz’ is equally upfront, sounding like a follow-on from his previous single on the label which is certainly no bad thing.

On the flip -‘Benzos’ defies it’s woozy name with a pitching and yawing lead paired with stomping drums - no holds barred techno with that unmistakable US tinge - it could have been recorded a decade ago and we’d be none the wiser - watch out when the main melody hits if you’re on one!

Saving the best till last though is the unlikely pairing of No Wave guitar phrases and dreamy NY House styles - utterly brilliant and unique.

make no mistake, this is for packed sessions only.

Nailed To The Floor

Richard Platz - (NJ Storm Drain mix)