• DJ Sotofett ‎– Acido Records Presents DJ Sotofett

DJ Sotofett ‎– Acido Records Presents DJ Sotofett

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And another one from the box outta Moss -

This Record is presented by Acido Records, presenting Dj Sotoffet and his Crew from around the Sex Tags Empire...
Seems like there were a few hands on board with this one, from Drum programming to Guitar, Bass, Claps as well as many a referenced voice or sample from the brilliant '411 intro' heading up the five track Disc.

Rough filtered bass stabs and upfront cowbells guide the rhythm on 'Asis (Part 2)' a rough-and-rugged house jam to get things moving...
Next up we have Tim 'Love' Lee and his jagged percussion and edgy fx, complete with unnerving panning effects, this one is as schizophrenic as it gets, even introducing a confused Boogie Synth jam that turns Egyptian for a few seconds before we plunge back into the manic interplay of delay and close-up percussive effects.
Totally mad, but in a good way!

Flip the Wax and things get a bit more smoked out, a bit more ghetto, more west-coast.
Still fully dubbed out and still edgy-as-f*ck: B1 is steady ballin', steady flossin'!
Dresvn runs the rhythm, Sensational jumps in the vocal booth and pumps that volume straight into the mixing desk via a heap of fx-units.
Like a steppers rhythm infused with the dubbed out attitude of the best 90's Sly & Lenky dancehall productions and somehow fused with a healthy portion of Rap and raw House groove.

For B2 things turn a bit more grim and sinister...
Unnerving pads and a vocal that still sounds smoked out, but maybe the pipe was filled with something else this time... real late night, cadillac-cruisin vibes on this one.

Watch the F*ck out!

ASIS (Part 2)

Tim 'Love' Lee – The Tortoise (Sex Tags Mania NYC Mix)

Dresvn feat. Sensational – Bliss (DJ Sotofett's Raggabalder Dubplate Versjon)

Dresvn feat. Sensational – Bliss (DJ Sotofett's Orgel Versjon)