• DJ Sotofett presents ‘DIGGI-DUBBI-TRIPP-MIXES’ (ft. Tapes)

DJ Sotofett presents ‘DIGGI-DUBBI-TRIPP-MIXES’ (ft. Tapes)

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With a special guest appearance from Jackson Bailey a.k.a. Tapes on keys with the Casio VL-1, piano & MC-202 bassline in session, founder of the groundbreaking Sex Tags Mania / Wania and Sex Tags Amfibia Labels from Norway, DJ Sotofett presents us with four wickedly tripped out digi mixes.

Sitting somewhere between Adrian Sherwood's off-kilter On.U Sound output, Mad Professor on one of his more eclectic and obscure mixing sessions, but still in keeping with the usual Sotofett style this record sounds as deep, and obnoxiously thought-out as ever.

Hints of House, Dub, early Jungle & Hardcore Lo-Fi slow jams add to the recipe of this unpredictable platter and the end product is refreshingly unique.

Warm and dubbed out, like a hazy session in the smoked out studio with sockets running hot from the analogue gear in full rotation, these psychadelic versions will grow on you with each play.

Recordings based on original versions by Nick Anthony Simoncino & Mark Rogers.
Remix & devious production, drum programming, digital editing and dubs by DJ Sotofett, Background vocals by PALEO.
Recorded at 6th-EonMANIA-fract2 STD.
Final production and mix at 6th-TransWania- fract2 STD, Santiago, Chile.

Custom label graphics by SO-PHAT a.k.a. DJ Sotofett.

Happy (DJ Sotofett Digi-Dubi-Tripi-Mix Init!)

L.I.S. (DJ Sotofett ona Dhug-Dropp-Mix)

MIDI-Mix by DJ Sotofett

Happy (DJ Sotofett Slow Jungle Trippin')