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DJ Sotofett presents Jesse - Twotinos


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DJ Sotofett and Finish producer Jesse present their debut collaborative LP Twotinos, a corollary statement of intent following the Sotofett mix of Jesse's Pohja earlier this summer.

Here, Sotofett and Jesse present their loose, spacious take on disco, house and afrobeat. Take Orga Elt, a downtempo jam that lopes freely alongside its bouncing arpeggiated harmonics, accompanied by a subtly layered bass guitar. The swing in the percussion lends a relaxed feel, aided by the walking bass riff, keeping a regular but subtly funky pulse. Desert Mix hits a note somewhere between drone and psychedelica. The washes of resonant, distorted guitar wrapping themselves around the unhurried hand-drums that give the track its pulse exude psychedelic rock signifiers.

Later tracks like Autiomaa (I) and Kuume (Last Guitar) are the two stand-out cuts here. The former, a near-10 minute long epic, oscillates between waves of a distorted synths and a jacking, dubbed out afro-beat groove. Flanged, delayed guitars spin and reel through the mix, carried forward by expertly layered congas, bongos and all manner of hand drums. Kuume (Last Guitar) wouldn't sound out of place on a Sofrito record. Modified Jazz modalities make for an epic synth lead-line, giving us our most upbeat and disco-inflected cut of the lot - we wouldn't be surprised if this was the choice cut for DJs.

Another brilliant addition in the Keys Of Life discography.

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Orga Fit

Desert Mix

Autiomaa (I) (Tribbal)

Kuume (Last Gitar)