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DJ Sotofett - Trans-Jungle-Ride / Cross-Jungle-Tide


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Top-dog Killer business by DJ Sotofett with Tapes on Bass and Vera Dvale on DX-100 -

In comes a new drop on the Wania imprint!

Off-centre Junglist house vibes on both sides, this comes in fresh and clean, nothing less.

The topside kicks straight in with a little more upfront stylee from the beginning of the disc with a four-to-the-floor groove and skipping breakbeats making this one as addictive as it is effective, really great stuff!

'Cross-Jungle-Tide' reduces the prominence of the piano, building on atmospherical styles instead, letting the bassline tremble and the drums chop in full swing.

Both tracks run at over 10mins, still cut to 45rpm and banging nice and loud.

Wicked and bad 12", don't sleep on this or you will wake up in a shock one day.

Comes with a fresh-looking insert.

DJ Sotofett - Trans-Jungle-Ride

Dj Sotofett - Cross-Jungle-Tide (393768 VIP Mix)