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DJ Sotofett / Vera Dvale feat. Merel Laine - Detour Dub / To Want You


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Righteous counteraction to that wicked previous DJ Sotofett / Vera Dvale split 12" -

Following on from that killer previous outing from the two, pairing the darbuka styled rhythms of Sotofett with the stretched out dread of Vera Dvale, this record, which in Sotofett's own word's represents 'the core of the Wania sound' comes as a timely continuation of that singular sound which these records build on.
Enough subtle terror to shake up the insides of any subject, and enough stealthy funk to keep bodies moving long into the after hours. This is a versatile disc that can be used not just for home consumption, but also for deadly effect on the dancefloor, with highly-entrancing effects.

Sonically, there is certainly a path that leads between the previous disc and this one, but refreshing differences make this one absolutely worthwhile as a standalone disc too.

Take the acid splurges and high-res SH 101 esque synthlines, and guttural bass punches on Sotofett's Detour Dub and the additional freak of Merel Laine's vocals on Vera Dvale's dubwise graveyard atmospherics for example.

proper tip on this one.


DJ Sotofett - Detour Dub

Vera Dvale ft. Merel Laine - To Want You