• TTT029

DJ Spider and Marshallito - Contest For Supremacy


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Sinister cold war referencing techno trax that bang as hard as it's sleeve artwork. Dj Spider and Marshallito return to TTT to establish cold war supremacy.

Nuclear winter rears its ugly head with brutish drums which are woven around a smoky piano lick, nonsensical spoken word passages and flickering FM synthesis all stand together in a tense atmosphere. Acidic pops and squelches fill the width of the appropriately titled B1 track 'geiger counter - Some late 90s Dischord-esque guitars frame the pounding kick drums and delayed vocal samples, further add to the brilliantly tense pairing of acid/alkali elements that make up the EP.

'Zero Point' sees and end to the stalemate with percolating lead stabs that crumble away into a lengthy public address - a deeply unsettling trip that makes the most out of pairing unlikely elements, the likes of which we haven't really experienced before - Really great stuff this.

Nuclear Winter

Geiger Count

Zero point