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DJ Velkro - Glacial Dancehall 3 (Bokeh Versions Cassette)

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Dj Velkro on the Glacial glide, in minus degreez dancehall mode, round three in the BKV chop & screw style

Following ice'd heat served in your glass of cool & easy via Time Cow, Low Jack and Jay Glass Dubs - Duppy Gun's very own DJ Velkro is at the controls for Volume 3 in the Glacial Dancehall series on Bokeh Versions >>

It's always a pleasure to see what will happen next in the side-stepping, backflippin and forward-tripping ventures of BKV, and we'll never complain about a bit of slomo twist&grind on a tape, especially not when it's mostly made out of Duppy Gun productions, & special guest appearances - at reduced rounds per minute of course - extra lean - and features good ppl like Lutto Lento, intl skewdub powerhouse SKRS, Avon's o.g. Plaque owner Yokel, and Twin Cities soundsystem pushers Feel Free HiFi, alongside Mexico's newest Duppy torch Dj Smurphy, with Genesis Hull, Tallus Glyder, Big Flyte and DJ Velkro himself, all representing Duppy Gun.

Kicking off with big daddy Ijahbar on slowed vocals - moinmoin! -
Loaded with a healthy amount of lickshots and fx (once again - you'll never catch us complaining about soundbytes & dub siren) the tape kicks off on the kind of tip that'll have your shoulders wheeling back, chest out and gunfingers forward (for counterbalance) - extra lean, increased positivity, smiles raised.
As we progress, the breeze gets colder and we chug fwd thru a myriad of v-i-b-e-s with some proper skewed Lutto Lento biz that sounds fresher than fresh at wrongspeed, and perfectly clearing the air throughout with eski-vibes and step-for-step melodics running through basslines pitched to below tremor frequency, keeping things fresh & clean for the likes of Yokel, Talus Glider, SKRS & G Sudden to finish off side one in ice mode.
By the way, That final SKRS & G Sudden track gets us every time!
This was probably our favourite on that Duppy SKRS BKV linkup tape of recent - great to hear it in timewarp mode.

Flip it, and the frost starts to glaze up into glacier mode
Pure minus 30 degrees Celsius type vibes -
Talus & Glider, Smurphy, RDL, Byg Flyte and Velkro go into deep antarctic excavations - or maybe they just found some rare snow on Blue Mountain?
... Who knows, but it sounds like mountaintop stylee for sure

In short: Hell yes.
60mins of ice-cool rhythms that'll have you in your winterjacket mid-summer.

P.S. the more of these cassettes sell, the more money gets raised for Duppy Gun & Roolings Muzik and Bokeh Versions Studio in Jamaica - good things are happening.

C61 tape, vintage silver.
BKV design.
Comes with DL code.

Feel Free Hi Fi - Yu
Big Flyte & Velkro - Lil Slip (1/2 Speed Interlude)
Lutto Lento - Trance Arp
Beat Detectives - Maybe Maybe Not
Smurphy - Summer Riddim
Genesis Hull - 4
Big Flyte & Velkro - Untitled Riddim
Lutto Lento - Version Epilogue
Yokel - Toybox
Talus Glider - Lion Strength
SKRS & G Sudden - Tings Hard Dub

Talus Glider - Mad (Dub Inna Gorge)
Smurphy & RDL - Streets
Smurphy & RDL - Streets (Club Version)
Talus Glider & Velkro - Hammer Riddim
Big Flyte & Velkro - Padded Riddim
Big Flyte & Velkro - Lil Slip

Glacial Dancehall 3 - Excerpt 1

Glacial Dancehall 3 - Excerpt 2

Glacial Dancehall 3 - Excerpt 3

Glacial Dancehall 3 - Excerpt 4