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DMTRS WE FLACO - Hard To Find Speed Garage (HTFSG)


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You remember that mad mash-up dubplate we had on here a while ago? - well, Dmtrs We Flaco is back at it again, this time with a different angle on dance music, with another limited lathe cut art piece -

This time, Dmtrs has delved deeper into 2000's UKG underground territory, and a fairly fitting theme that could also be seen as a look at early incarnations of (often barely working) CD players in clubs around that time.
Although in effect, Dmtrs has set this experiment off in a more conceptual, up-to-date algorithmic way.
Setting speed garage from the £1 bin against underground classics off into computerised, automated worlds, this 9 minute piece sets the ghost in the machine free.
Effectively sounding like a bot is searching through discogs wantlists, or through youtube suggestions in the field, or maybe some of these mix CD's we used to buy at the service station as a young teenager when visiting London, for that UK Garage fix.

Moments of hands-in-the-air Speed Garage moments (never underestimate the genre's power - it just so happened that it exploded before social media did, therefore it is more of a local UK sound than, dubstep for example) clash with barrages of skipping rhythms, leaving us hanging for a few seconds before we retreat into listening mode again, only to be plunged back into moments of upfront club sounds, anthemic string sections and that inimitable UK Garage shuffle.
It's certainly a full-on sensory experience, an unusual one with mixed, incalculable emotions of tension and release - and exactly this is what makes it engaging, and interesting - this removal of the perceived securities of known dance music arrangement formulas - the feeling of 'chance' and unpredictability.

Compared to the previous release on WKC, this piece is definitely crossing into art worlds rather than soundsystem worlds. But that said, we'd love to see someone drop this to a crowd of gurned up ravers at peak time, and watch the confusion.

Here's the official info:

'In a total duration of 9 minutes, randomly sourced material of the past is now re-territorialized through number logic-based operations that introduce patterns, pulsations, and intervals. Information, brimming with speed garage and rave aesthetics, becomes a mnemonic framework that takes cues from Burial to result in an affective listening experience.

Ambience has been deliberately removed. There is no space. Just the ecstatic urgency, front and center, as the moment commands attention, digital flaws erase expectations, and the cycle of tension and release haunts the listener with a familiar, yet distant, experience."

Limited edition of 15 copies only.
Big thanks to Dmtrs We Flaco for hooking us up with a small handful!

Master by Kitaro at "Schnittstelle, Mastering & Vinylschnitt", Berlin.
Cut by Josef Helmet at "LoFi Concept", Athens.

Hard to find speed garage (HTFSG)