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Don Papa - Rock My Tempo

Sex Tags Mania

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From the Sex Tags Vaults -

Another fine slab of wax from the Moss-based Sex Tags bunker.
We had the pleasure of spinning the Test Press of this one for some months now... Thankfully Dj Sotofett and Co. operate on a human basis, the additional time it takes to organise Grill parties and get the locals together for a 5am breakdancing session to the greatest ABBA hits, mean that things don't get churned out too fast, so the TP remained in 'underground' circles for some time - Sadly, and gladly, we can now offer this diverse piece of beat-driven madness to you all.

From the 90's chevrolet-cruisin', champagne-glass tinkering, big-zoot-blazin' Hip Hop jams, through to chuggin' dancehall shuffles and O.G. House Music -

This 12" comes very highly recommended, get your grubby mits on it!

Served with 'Take Away Menu' style insert - priceless.

... Attention! - the 'Take Away' aesthetic got taken to a next level with this one, the records literally arrived in a pizza box... Looks like the postman tried to take a bite, there is a small crease on the bottom corner of the sleeves (see picture for reference) - So if you're buying this for discogs... Tough luck.

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