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Don't DJ - Musique Acephale

Berceuse Heroique

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>>Housed in an absolutely blinding gatefold sleeve designed by Robert Beatty<<

BH continues it's relentless onslaught on your pocket book with another essential release - Spread over two discs, Don't DJ explores increasingly complex polyrhythms, some of which are more floor friendly while others are more of a mind expanding trip that'll suit the late night listeners down to the ground.

Bridging gaps between the minimalist constructs of micro house, the more recent plates from Mark Ernestus' ndagga rhythm force and the rich experimental seams being mined by Beatrice Dillon & Rupert Clervaux, you're in for one hell of a trip...

Combine the listening experience with an attempt at decoding the overprinting on the sleeve for the full effect - what a package this is.

Highest recommendations.


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